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What To Do When Your House Don't Sell

Here's a list of important facts we gather from homes that did not sell.

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What to Do When Your House Doesn't Sell? 

  • Q: "Should I drop my price and re-list it with my agent once again? A :Often the reason a home doesn't sell is because it wasn't properly positioned to attract to the maximum number of buyers. Your house needs to be in "POSITION TO SELL". So what is the solution? I understand your past agent may be a good agent, but should you considered allowing someone to give you a second opinion on the marketing of your home?  What would your agent do different the second time around?  (see answer at Home Not Selling Forum)
  • Q: "We had several showings, but not one offer. What are we doing wrong? A:There’s many reason for this. One of them could be that you as a seller like to follow potential buyers around the house to tell them everything that’s great about your place. Don’t be a HOME SELLER KILLER! that’s what your agent is supposed to do for you. All communications should be between your agent and the buyers.  It can also be your price, then you are helping your competition sell their homes instead of selling yours. Is your house cluttered full of stuff, vacation pictures and mug collections? Is your house clean? How is your curb appeal? Is the Internet description of your house matching the actual condition of the house?(see answer at Home Not Selling Forum)
  • Q:"Should I take it off the market, remodel my kitchen with granite counters and put it back for sale?  A: " It depends, Your best bet is to figure out where you stand by taking stock of your home, what needs repairs, what's the current market, and nearby sales activity. The answers to this will give you a clearer answer if you should repair your house or not. Is all about the return on investment. (ROI) If you spend $5000 for a new kitchen, can you sell your house for $10,000 more? Are nearby sales supportive in raising your price $10,000 more? You need guidance and a complete assessment before you spend $20,000 to only sell it for $10,000 more.(see answer at Home Not Selling Forum)

House Expired?


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