Home Selling Tip

I know home selling tips are everywhere.

Usually suggesting things you might never thought of.. . But just because they're common doesn't mean we should stop making them. Here are some home selling tips of our own:

When putting your ads or listing, never use the words "asking" or "negotiable" with your selling price.

This is telling me that you are an amateur and easily could be taking advantage of. .it seems like you're not sure of the value of your home.

When preparing your house, try to look at it from the buyer's point of view. Would you buy your house again. .?

The MLS is your friend. . Even if you are doing it alone, you have to be in the MLS or you are just selling on the dark.

Open House are a great idea but only if you prepare it well. .

When negotiating with the buyer, don't get emotional. . You will always lose. Maintain an interactive discussion and build up trust. Even if the offer doesn't work out, keep up a good impression.

ALWAYS Consider hiring a Realtor to help you. . . an experienced one will automatically provide you with thousands of dollars' worth of advertisement from the moment they start.

Ask. . What are you going to do in the first 7 days after taking my listing. .

Then listen