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What To Do When Your House Don't Sell

Here's a list of important facts we gather from homes that did not sell.

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What to Do When Your House Doesn't Sell? 

  • Q: "My agent did not do enough open houses" A: Houses that are sold during an open house is a very rare event indeed. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently said that only 11% of homes are sold during an open house. What are the chances, you wake up a Sunday morning and you are lured by an open house sign and later you're signed up to buy a house?  Buyers plan months ahead before qualifying and getting ready to buy a home. During this time, they have touched at least a dozen Realtors that will be more than willing to show them any house in the market, every day of the week! Open houses attract other sellers and future (6 months) buyers for your agent. 
  • Q: "My agent kept me on the dark, with no communication or feedback!"A: This is bad. I heard agents refusing to answer their phone, hiding from their selling clients, no where to be found. The only reason I see is that they did not have a clue why the listing was not selling? Feedback is important when you are selling anything. Adjusting the presentation of the product is priority #1 for a listing. As a matter fact, on the contrary, when one of my listings is not selling, that's when I speak to my clients more often. 
  • Q:"I don't think my agent was doing enough advertising to sell my house"A: The most important component to advertising a home for sale is really the asking price! If you are "NOT" within the market suggested price range, bikini girls dancing on your front yard will not sell your house.  In reality, our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the source where all the advertising is stimulated from. Any home listed in the MLS is syndicated across the web to literally thousands of websites, all done automatically. Is in this "extra" advertisement what separates selling agents from listing agents with expired listings.. .and that "extra" advertisment could be the difference your home gets sold or not!

House Expired?


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