Shocking Home Values Report for: 

  • Maryland
  • Washington DC 
  • Northern Virginia

Looking up for  the value of any home among hundreds and possible thousands of websites out there is a scary proposition. .
The message is being diluted with each form that is filled up and allowing computer paint the value of you house with a broad stroke. .
  • All the homes remain  the same
  • All the homes are in the same condition
  • All the homes are located in the same type of lot location
  • All the homes have the same quality kitchen, bathrooms with full finished basement with 70's paneling!!!

I was recently listing a home for new client that complained about computer generated house values. .
"I see so many other houses in my neighborhood that are in the same price range as ours. Some of them still have the original kitchen (from the 1970s)........haven't replaced their windows, etc. etc. No major improvements. No finished basements. How the heck a computer mixes all this information to give us an idea what our home is worth?
"Computers are not reliable and can only give you an opinion based on the data entered in big chunks of general information"
I feel that is a product that is unique because of this reason. .
We provide not only property value reports but also advice from real estate professional's point of view
Utilizing our local experience and knowledge of the market
Our purpose is  to calculate the most accurate home values possible through sold prices, public records of assessed value, and area real estate information because. .
We know important decisions are being made across kitchen tables with these reports
That's why we'll do them as accurate as possible. .

"If accuracy matters to matters to us"