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 Looking for a CMA for your property?
Our seller’s report is what you call a CMA (comparable market analysis report). It reviews the subject property, considers the latest real estate market conditions, presents comparable properties for side-by-side comparison - - We will also recommend a pricing strategy unlike anywhere else on the Internet, showing the most recently sold homes in your neighborhood, expired home listings and  how fast homes are selling now. Our report also includes distress sales statistics, general charts, pricing suggestion and more!

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Why Do We Do it?

Our free report for House values in Maryland is simple another way we use to showcase our services if you may want to sell your homes. .

We are very active with sellers and buyers and have complete knowledge of the local market. 
We know what is trending..
We know what is not. .
We know the demand pockets in different counties in Maryland 
Let us show you our free accurate value estimate of your property in one simple process. . 

just know. .

"Computers are not reliable and can only give you an opinion based on the data entered in big chunks of general information"

I was recently listing a home for new client that complained about computer generated house values. .

"I see so many other houses in my neighborhood that are in the same price range as ours. Some of them still have the original kitchen (from the 1970s)........haven't replaced their windows, etc. etc. No major improvements. No finished basements. How the heck a computer mixes all this information to give us an idea what our home is worth?

We know important decisions are being made across kitchen tables with our accurate reports

We feel that is a product that is unique because of this reason. .

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"If accuracy matters to matters to us"