Simple and direct.. if you qualify for a HAFA Short Sale 
One of the main lender requirements  is that they will not seek a cash contribution or promissory note from you. . (the borrower) further more, they may not pursue a deficient judgment against the borrower.
Asking again. 
How can you avoid a deficiency judgment doing a short sale in your underwater property. .
very carefully.
Specially finding the right professional  to help you see all your options based on your current financial situation. .
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Fernando Herboso 
Broker for Herboso & Associates 

With over 21 years of experience, in real estate, I’ve seen it all.. good markets, bad markets and all in between. I have helped many families avoid a foreclosure. I have written (3) ebooks about short sales, one of them downloaded was even  read over 140,000 times and is in #1 position on Google under “The Short Sale Option”

I was interviewed by The Washington Times Newspapers twice about foreclosures and short sales in Maryland I have trained dozens of Realtor in the ins and outs of the short sale process, I have over125 videosfor short sales training for Realtors and consumers and I became certified with the CDPE organization Certified Distressed Property Expert, I have also become certified with CDRS Certified Default Resolution Specialist, furthermore, I have become a member of the SSAA (Short Sales Association of America)

With my experience and as a broker certified by different organizations to do short sales, I have developed a system that helps homeowners dealing with distressed properties. My team of Realtors, one assistant, an attorney and several supporting staff has developed long lasting relationships with these lenders that allow you to take advantage to short sale your property quickly and remove instantly bad mortgage debt. The strength of our experience and knowledge is invaluable to anyone seeking for a solution.

"How to Short Sale And Never Pay The Bank Another Penny."