An advanced strategy for you to use after you have been in the creative real estate investing business for a while.

This calls for using different strategies in financing to secure a property for rehab,

This works very well in a buyers' market like Maryland where prices have been quite erratic in the last few months.

You need to use this to increase your chances for immediate income and retailing for bigger short term profits. Rehab, Refinance and Cash Out is a long term wealth building strategy and will be something you will be glad you did as it is a long term buy and hold strategy, and those are the strategies that lead to true wealth accumulation and financial independence.

Please check this video detailing the use of 203K loans


I do not advocate becoming a landlord and you should avoid if possible . . .this technique is simple:

You contact us to help you find rehabs,

We put you in contact with Brent Kluge an authority in 203K loans

Once you are qualified and ready to go, we coordinate with Brent as far as how we can structure your offer amount and conditions. .

We then go to closing, and you get started in the process of rehabbing it. .

And if you feel that we were valuable to you (I know you will)

You will then call us and we will put your property in the market to sell. .

I feel this is an advanced strategy as you won't see any cash in your pocket from this strategy for 4-6 months after you find the deal which is a long time to work and not see any pay.

But, If you are wholesaling and making consistent money each month then it shouldn't matter.

Our strategy will magnify the profits you make in your investing business in ways you might not have imagined.. . After all, we want to be there for you in the long and the short run. .