How To Hire The Top Real Estate Agent in Germantown Maryland

Deciding to sell your Germantown Maryland home?
A big decision now is to determine how to pick right agent to represent you
Hiring a Realtor® should not be that complicated if you follow certain points

A top real estate agent with the most sales in the area may not be the right person for you.

There were a lot of foreclosures and short sales in the last few years and some agents exclusively represented REO lenders. A complete different way to sell homes than current traditional listing services.

In some cases, you may find what you perceive to be a top agent in Maryland ...would not have the time to speak to you personally and accommodate your needs because he is not available any any time,

I see others making the mistake in hiring an agent just because they belong to a national famous brand.
Just be are hiring one agent ..not a WHOLE COMPANY!
Don't fall into the virtues of "well known" companies with smoke and mirrors from a brand perspective
Each agent works independently from each other  ..and there are thousands of EXPIRED LISTINGS with FRUSTRATED SELLERS in the MLS from the same companies...thousands!

Just know this...Is not the company that sells houses the agent! 

What about family members or your co-worker that is also a part time agent?

When you are considering about placing a huge investment into the hands of someone to represent you. Your real estate agent better know what he/she is doing, in order to provide you the best service possible to get you top dollar for your home

Your equity is your money 
a lot of money that you deserve to get when you sell your house.
Don't place all that money into the hands of an inexperience "friend" agent just because you feel obligated and pressures to hire them.

Another huge mistake some seller make is to have a criteria of selecting the agent who will tell them what they want to far as pricing is concerned. Hiring a listing agent just because they say they can sell your home for an unrealistic price could be a disaster for your home.
Your home will become stale and you will never get TOP DOLLAR when you have a history of being on the market for over 100+ days..

Buyers are educated these days, and so are their agents. You will not fool anyone with an overpriced home.

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How To Hire The Top Real Estate Agent in Germantown?
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How To Hire The Top Real Estate Agent in Germantown Maryland