How much deposit should I pay when buying a home?


How Much Deposit Should You Pay?

How Much Deposit Should I pay When Buying a Home?
The Earnest Money is to show the sellers that you are serious about buying their property.. .
When the offer gets accepted. .the seller is expecting that the house will in fact be sold and they will be able to move.
The sellers may be making an offer of their own on another home, hiring movers and going trough a lot of expenses. .
If they are dealing with a buyer who is not serious . .
They will lose the sale and a lot of money as well. .
Meanwhile the property is OFF ACTIVE STATUS . .
Your deposit gives them peace of mind that you are serious. .
How much to pay?
Watch the video for the answer. .
Your real estate agnet is there for this reason. .demand good service and not risk more than you have to!




If you’re thinking about homeownership, ask yourself some basic questions and get informed as much as possible about the home-buying process. It will be easier for your real estate agent to help you find the dream home you are looking for. . 

How much deposit is good to pay when offering for a home?

Buying a Home is Like Dancing

(You Can't Do it By Yourself!)  



How much deposit should I pay when buying a home?