Our fees and typical closing costs are contingent on short sale approval and are paid for by your lender

We even negotiate for them to pay all your closing costs. .

How much it costs to do short sale:

If you call us. . it will cost you nothing!


The best short sales experts will not charge you anything for their services.


Because they can provide you with their experience and the assistance needed to sell your house with all costs derived from the sales proceeds.

(In some cases, we find some lenders could refuse paying any HOA or Condo fees to Associations. . depending on circumstances. .call us for more details on this)

In general, a company that specializes doing short sales will conduct each aspect involved in closing a short sale deal to benefit you and your family.

Beware of some companies of other short sales inexperienced agents being confused about their fiduciary services of their clients vs. THE BANK.

You should understand that you may only have one chance to save yourself form a foreclosure using a short sale.

Make sure you hire a SHORT SALES EXPERT to guide you through this complicated process.

How much it costs to do short sale:

Call us. . it will cost you nothing!