How To Murder a House

From time to time I get to see houses overload, especially when we have an urgency to find a home for one of my clients. As a Realtor, I have access to literally thousands of homes that are currently available for sale.
I subscribe to the adage that  “Everything in moderation” and I believe that everyone should follow it too. 
They are literally hundreds of homes in my market area that are so hideous and over decorated that I really believe those homeowners need to be charged for the murdering of a house
There is moderation in decorating, but there are some homeowners that went crazy with over-decorating their homes 
This is especially prevalent with ethnic families that bring their country's whole history inside their house and they punched you in the face as soon as you walk in, I do understand how important is to display proudly your ethnicity when you have a home, but there is moderation to all...especially when you are trying to sell it. 
The amazing thing is that these houses look normal from the outside, but as soon as you walk in, you find yourself right square in the middle of a Hollywood movie set.
Some of the things that are out there and no one talks about it: 
  • Curtains that could easily be converted by Carol Burnett as a Scarlett O'Hara "Gone with the Wind" dress, rods and all...
  • Think of a mustard color and mix it with lime green and picture a room painted walls and ceiling with heavy red oriental style curtains...that's a bedroom for you
  • Tile flooring in the kitchen, carpet in the family room and wood floors in foyer and dining like a model home displaying flooring types at a store....who is making these decisions? Perhaps they should charge the floor installers for accessory to murdering a house. Why don't they just ask, "Ma'am are you sure you want to install green tile next to an orange carpet?"
  • Granite counters that don't match the cabinetry
  • Splash walls that clash with kitchen multi-colored counters as they make you feel like a vampire that was just shown a cross. 
  • Picture buying $500 worth of grooming, make-up, creams and bathroom accessories and display them all on top of your master bath vanity among fake gold trays.
  • Basements with walls to ceiling carpeting...yes, carpet on the walls I tell you...yikes!
If you are selling a house, the purpose of showing the house is to entice a person into falling in love with your house and subsequently buying it. If you do not make an attempt by neutralizing the house before selling, you are not going to sell it for what the house is really worth.
If you are a listing agent, be honest and fair, 
Don't hope or wish that someone is going to overlook the tragedy of an over-decorated house and expect a full price offer.
Preparing your house to sell is the most significant factor you can do assuring yourself of selling it a full value. 
The good thing about the murdering a house by over-decorating, it can be reversed quickly by following a specific plan designed by "another" person...NOT by the culprit of the crime. If you are capable of deciding that painting a room pink and red from wall to ceiling with yellow stripes is a good idea, I'm sorry but you are not capable nor qualified to contribute the solving of the problem.
Fernando Herboso is a Realtor Broker in the Maryland DC VA Region, who almost stabbed himself in the foot by staging the photo you see in this post above, pouring ketchup all over it and dropping the knife to the floor between his feet