How To Price Your Home To Sell and ....NOT Fail 

Home Selling Tips For Maryland Homeowners

Pricing Matters

Q: Do Agents Control The‘Market Value’ Price of Homes?

    A: NO!

Agents Just Report Value To Sellers
The job of an agent is to report to sellers what home
buyers are willing to pay for a home at a specific point
in time.
Who Then Controls Price?
Generally speaking, the price of your home is a range
that is determined by condition, motivation, timing
and location.
So my agent and I don’t choose the price?
No, it is a consensus between buyers & sellers who reach
agreement on home sale prices. This agreement is called
current market value…. and all financial institutions
subscribe to this to lend money based upon this consensus
Home prices are not set by a single seller wishing for more money.
"The Stock Market Process Is Similar
To How Home Value Is Determined"
What do you mean the Stock Market is similar? 
This is what I mean . .
The price that you paid for your home has little
impact on the actual value of your home today…
The value of your home is really determined by the
buyers and the amount that they are willing to pay.
Like a stock share. .
Buying investors determine the value of each share
Not the company’s CEO!
If a share is valued between $20-$25 each. .
"Even if you advertise it in the middle of New York's Time Square!"
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Pricing Matters
Our firm commitment and a promise if we list your home.
When Fernando Herboso's team represents you exclusively in the sale of your home, you can expect our commitment to success during the entire selling process.  Taking the time to understand your wants, your needs, and your expectations from the very first day. Most successful real estate agents only focus on what works. For over 20 years, I have researched and developed systems for my practice and trained real estate agents on the latest methods in marketing properties to sell. Most real estate practitioners are stuck on the pre-Internet era when selling homes. We utilize the latest techniques to bring the spot-light for all our listings.
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