How Rita Outsmarted Her Neighbors Buying This Home


"Hi Rita, are you ready to go and look for homes? "

That was my question to one of my customers that landed on my real estate website a few week ago,

"I'm not ready yet, I have some issues on my credit. .. " 

Her answer was typical from a lot of renters that " know" they want to buy a home but, there is always something holding them from taking the next step. 

Either there is a money issue or a credit issue. . 

Fortunatley, Rita decided to work with us to prepare her to be a homeowner.

"Rita, do you know what is the first step we take if you decide to work with my company to help you buy a home? "

Rita though about her answer for a moment and responded a little unsure of her response...

"You'll send me a lot of homes to look at?"  

"Nope" I quickly corrected her.

The first thing we do for a prospective buyer client is helping them get prepared

Our preparation consist not only a quick review of their credit but, 

We analyze with the help of capable professionals, what they need to know to increase their purchasing power when buying a home 

Here is a chart detailing this point from our friends at Keeping Current Matters@


With each quarter percent increase, Rita's purchasing power decreases more and more. The prediction for 2016 is that Interest rates will continue to climb higher and higher as demand for houses increases..

The good news for Rita, 

She decided to works with us, 

We showed her the way "How To Increase Her Credit Score" quickly 

While helping her prepare for her purchase, 

We gave her information on the  NACA program to see if she can qualify, 
We also saved her a lot of money because Rita was a "Maryland First Time Homebuyer

We also got her information about some Government Grants that she could qualify for... to save even more money

...and of course, helping our prospective clients before buying a home, we go trough a list of all possible programs and scenarios that may help them save even more money.. 

Here's a partial list we utilize

  • CDA
  • Fannie Mae NO PMI Program
  • USDA Zero Down Loan Program
  • Good Neighbor Next Door Program
  • Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Program
  • Down Payment Assistance and Grant Programs
  • HUD Home Loan Program
  • Streamline 203k Renovation Loan Programs
  • VA or Veteran Loan Plus Program


Only after we review all of this in Ritas's case, is when we sent her a list of possible homes to look at. . 


Rita outsmarted her neighbors in her apartment building because she knew this by heart. .

first time homebuyers


The funny thing. . her new mortgage payments are now less than the landlord's rent she was paying before !


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