How To Sell a House With A Tenant 

Can I Sell a House if I Have Renters?


The first piece of advice many Realtors may give homeowners who want to sell their home while a tenant is in residence is short and to the point: DON'T DO IT!

Understandable so when you consider the tremendous exposure to liability and the prospects of selling a house at the lowest possible value because of an unruly tenant.

If the tenant has a lease in place, they cannot be evicted before the end of their term. You have to sell the house with a lease and the new buyers takes possession of the house including the lease that was originally signed and agreed by the prior homeowner. The lease is part of the house and you sell it with all it's conditions. .

If you must sell your house, you need the assistnce of a good Realtor that will help you by being proactive and honest with your tenant, perhaps there is a way you can find a resolution that will be acceptable to your tenants. They must be cooperative or I can assure you that you may end up losing  money during the sale.

house sale expired solution

A good  Realtor should work with your  tenants. They have to be  very persuasive and amicable with them. Find a resolution to get their help. They should be able to convert them as an advocate to help you sell the house.

How critical is hiring the right agent to represent you when you sell a home with a tenant?

Watch this video for the answer. .


A good Realtor brings the landlords and tenants together to understand the rules and the conditions of the lease. . while a home is being sold successfully!


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