Need cash?

Sometimes it is best to buy a foreclosure from an investor that has the resources to buy a home for cash, then make the repairs. You move in, make monthly payments and this way the home will appraise to a value that benefits the investor. . and essentially everyone wins:

The investor makes money for taking the risk and doing the fix up, and you still get a property with no money down and the investor know that his investment will pay a couple years later when you finance the property with a normal lender and use the equity buildup as a down payment.

Its very important that person orchestrating this is not the investor or you. . a third party can negotiate this for the best outcome.

Hiring a knowledgeable Realtor for this can be to your advantage.

One more tip:

You should always purchase an  owners/lenders title insurance.  This is for your protection as you will have little history on the property.. and as important a home warranty

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