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10 Loan Modification Secrets Your Bank Does Not Want You To Know. . .

Hi, my name is Fernando Herboso and a licensed broker in Maryland that specializes in distressed properties.

These last four years have been very challenging for many people. I have seen and heard many types of loan modifications and foreclosure rescue scams.

I figure the way I can prove to you that I'm not one of them is to tell you upfront:

I will never charge you a fee for our services. We negotiate our own fees with the lenders we will protect you from. .

I'm only here to help you through a difficult time, help you and treat you with the respect you deserve.

I consider myself an educator above and beyond anything else. I have listed over 135 short sales in the last 4 years and I heard all the stories. .this is a compilation of my experiences and my warning to you. . Don't be fooled by individuals, companies or attorneys that want you to pay them hundreds to thousands of dollars up front. .most often they play the numbers game and prolong the pain for you and your family.


This is what I offer to you. .

1. A FREE Loan Modification Kit to homeowners who want to use it to reduce their mortgage payment and avoid foreclosure, you don not have to pay for it. . Nothing to lose here. You can always make a decision to hire somebody else. .we just want to help, our kit is FREE and you don't even have to return it to get any money back.

2. We help homeowners in near foreclosure stop the clock by assisting them with a short sale on their home. This will always be depending on your lender and your particular situation. .in most cases this can be accomplished.

3. We help you see your options. .we help you avoid BAD LOAN MODIFICATIONS. . we heard them all and I know the difference between a loan modification and a loan mortification. . see our postcard below… .and you'll get the idea


.. . .are you standing in line for a loan modification?



Finally, we hold your hand and point to you the clear options you face today. . and we ALLOW you to make the right decision.


Fernando Herboso is not associated with the government, and its services have not been approved by the government or the consumer's lender. Your lender may not agree to change your loan and/or agree to a short sale. If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating. You can stop doing business with Herboso & Associates llc at any time. You can accept or reject any offer Herboso & Associates llc obtains from your lender. If you reject the offer, you don't have to pay the company's real estate commission as outlined in the listing agreement. There is no guarantee you will get the results you seek from a short sale.Herboso & Associates llc does not provide legal advice.  Seek legal counsel. Should you hire Herboso & Associates llc, you may still communicate with your own lender. Herboso & Associates llc and any of their representative agents will not charge upfront fees under any circumstances to the homeowner.

Fernando Herboso

I want to work for you. . .this is my bio.

My direct number is             240-426-5754       if you have any questions. . .