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"I Don't Want to Hire You To Sell My House,... "


 FSBO: "I Don't Want to Hire You To Sell My House, When I'm Ready, I Would Prefer to Call my Realtor Friend Before You Anyways...He SOLD my Last House in JUST TWO DAYS!!!?" 

ME: "You left money on the table then..."
FSBO: "What do you mean leaving money on the table?" 
ME: "First of all, did you want or meant to sell it in two days?"
FSBO: "No, it just happened that way...." 
ME: "The reason why I think you left money on the table is because  if you SOLD your house in ONLY TWO DAYS...I can assure you it was UNDER-PRICED!" 

FSBO: "Excuse me???  How do you know all that??? "

ME: "Any house that sells in two days is under-priced to begin with... There was no time for any marketing to work on your listing. . . the only reason why it sold in two days was because it was a BARGAIN for the buyers...not because your Realtor was any good" 

FSBO: "I don't know how can you . . . . 

ME: "I'm sorry, but I must tell you this now... you may be making the same mistake once again, and this is my advice before you hire your Realtor friend again."
"Your PRICE sold your house..NOT YOUR REALTOR!
"You could've hired my 12 year old daughter and achieve the same results. .
You see, to achieve TOP DOLLAR for your house, you need a comprehensive marketing plan that INCLUDES the time necessary to take it's full effect."
"Anyone can sell a house at BOTTOM DOLLAR. . 
But to sell your house for TOP DOLLAR. .
you'll  need a good agent that understands the way houses are priced, marketed and sold" 
"Please watch this video that I prepared just for you to explain my strategy HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME FOR TOP DOLLAR"



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