short sales maryland

Surprising my client with a

$23,000 CHECK!

My client's daughter found us on the Internet

Nothing wrong with that, most of our clients find us first on the Internet because of our vast educational presence.

"Fernando, most Realtors do not take $60,000 Short Sale Listings!"

That's what she was afraid of when I first met her.

I had an instant connection with my client and I re-assure her. .as long as she is willing to help us help her. . I promised her that I would help her!

She was ready. .and we took the case in.

The usual short sale process goes like this:

  • Obtaining all supporting documents from the seller
  • Submitting a short sale request to the corresponding lender (s)
  • Applying for the HAFA PROGRAM and ANY other programs that our client qualifies for
  • Putting the property on the market
  • Obtaining an offer
  • Getting an approval
  • Closing the deal

In this was, it was Chase short sale. . in my opinion the most sensitive bank approving short sales for homeowners today.

Our client knew about her acceptance to the HAFA SHORT SALE PROGRAM

Where it assured her that there will be no deficiency judgment against her. .and a $3,000 Relocation assistance.

Unbeknownst to her, we found out earlier that she qualified to receive an additional $20,000 on top of the $3,000 for the HAFA Program,

Of course, I was a little reluctant to tell her this news. . It would not the last time that a bank made a mistake and I have a deflated client at closing. . .

I chose not to tell her until I was 100% sure she was getting the money

After all, the bank was approving the selling of this short sale property for only $60,000!!

They were only netting two thirds of the proceeds!

Closing Day: 03/16/2012

The final HUD-1 gets approved and we are clear to close. .

It's time to tell my dear client the good news. .

Watch it . . .

short sales maryland

One of the most satisfying closings I've ever had. . And it is also one of the smallest pay-offs for my company…

go figure..