Gaithersburg MD . . ."The Kentlands"


The Kentlands Mansion, was  main residence of the farm owners of it's land and  is now the center of the historic Kentlands Farm. The venue is available for art exhibits, concerts, and public events, and also as a rental for private parties and meetings. The Kentlands Barn has been converted into a public arts center with studios, exhibit space, and a ninety-nine seat theater used for theatrical performances and concerts.

Those people who drop by a city like Gaithersburg for a short visit never really get to experience the quality of living that its residents feel everyday. . .
Quite often, visitors stay around all the major attractions or business centers however, they miss the real nature of the city by not visiting the soul of it's neighbors.

Featuring Gaithersburg’s  “The Kentlands”

THe Kentlands

The City Of  Gaithersburg as described by it's official website 

"Gaithersburg has it all.  We’re home to an excitingly diverse population.  Our businesses range from world renowned technology companies to family-owned service providers.  We’ve preserved the charm of a bygone era in our Olde Towne commercial and residential areas, and we’re also home to the Kentlands, one of the first new urbanism neighborhoods, built in the early 1990’s. In our new urban communities you’ll find a mix of housing types in a pedestrian friendly environment, close to schools, shopping and other exciting diversions."

Real Estate In The Kentlands. . .

Gaithersburg Maryland boasts plenty of fantastic neighborhoods that blend a superb location in the Washington DC area. The Real Estate market is one of the most outstanding in the area because of the quality of life it offers it's residents.   The Kentlands in particular  has weathered the storm of the Real Estate Crisis and is now poised for a successful 2010.
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