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I can assure you that the Kentlands truly is the "neighborhood of the future".. .
Rather than waste acres of land making room for a car-centric lifestyle, the Kentlands community in western Gaithersburg instead focuses on creating a space where residents can live, work, shop and play all in the same pedestrian-traffic area. 

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"Absolutely This is the  Best Time To Buy . . ."

When is really the best time to buy in any neighborhood?

Exactlythe best time to purchase is when it is right time for you regardless of what is happening around your local market.

Otherwise, the second best time to buy is right now as of the Summer of 2013
Interest rates have dropped in the last few months and they are now coming up. 

The Real estate market changes constantly and they can change very quickly and Interest rates are inching upwards right now. .if you need to buy . .I advice you to buy it now!

"Kentlands Gaithersburg  Real Estate Prices Have Remained Stable"

As you know, sellers are motivated to sell their home as the buyer’s activity decreases. 

But in some cases sellers NEED to sell their home before the end of the year and are willing to give concessions.  . .You know that any seller who puts their home on the market in the middle of winter,through the holidays is a very motivated seller. .

Our advice is that generally to get the best buy (if market condition remain the same during the year)
the holidays are a great time to buy! 
I invite you to check the following video highlighting INSIDER TIP #1

"Absolutely The Best Time To Buy

Kentlands is the largest and most successful pedestrian-oriented live/work community of its kind in the United States, alongside its sister community,Lakelands.
About the author:
Fernando Herboso has 23 years experience as a real estate agent and broker in five states, He currently serves as a principal broker and consultant to Maxus Realty Group | Herboso & Associates LLC, founder and CEO.  He also is a consultant to other real estate professionals on using technology, customer care, general marketing and office management techniques to WOW customer with passionate services practices 

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