Listing Your Home For Sale?. .Considering FSBO?

Why It's Never Been Easier To Sell Your Own Home

Yes, I know the Internet has leveled the playing field for private home sellers. It's never been easier to find a buyer for your house, or to find your new home . .but do you really need a Realtor anymore?

Deciding to sell your home can be somewhat  confusing, stressful and depressing all at about the same time. Selling it on your own and you can double that anxiety unless you have someone to assist you during the process.

Someone that is a professional and a person with a plan!

A plan that will help you avoid the pitfalls in selling.

Is not about just selling it. . is about selling it for the MOST MONEY!

A colleague in Punta Gorda Real Estate says it beautifully in his website:

"Some homeowners decide to try to sell their homes themselves in order to save the commission charged by a real estate agent. But handling your own sale means you will be responsible for placing ads, answering phones and showing your home to strangers. What's more, buyers who know you are saving on the agent's commission may offer less for your home, wiping out the financial incentive to do it all yourself."

Clarksburg RealtorI have spent many years in the real estate industry and practiced the profession  in 5 different states.  I helped homeowners sell their own homes over 375 times!  and I can assure you that on those 375 homeowners. .at one time or another have thought about saving their commission and doing it solo.

The funny  thing about real estate, it's about being the most expensive investment many people will ever have in a lifetime. .but yet  everyone thinks they're an expert in the field just because they own a home.

This over confidence has humbled and cost thousands of dollars to many potential for sale by owners (FSBO's)

Let's talk about just one of the many tasks that has to be accomplished if you want to sell it for the highest amount.

 Marketing your home and attracting buyers is a skill that costs a lot of time and money.  These days we are overflowed with information and ads everywhere. You definitely need to stick out and you will not accomplish that with a yard sale mentality to sell your own home.

You are not selling old furniture, toys, or old clothes in a yard sale.
A couple signs, a couple arrows and you are in business?
You are selling a house!
Unless you want to sell it at yard sale prices, this is the wrong approach!

Plan carefully when making the decision to sell your home as an FSBO and just be sure that when you are ready to move forward, you have interviews with at least 3 professionals to compare your plan of attack to theirs. By preparing yourself and your home for the sale you'll be surprised how easy is to see the tremendous value hiring a professional to do the job right. .and you just take charge of  that yard sale to make your moving experiences less hectic!

Fernando Herboso is a broker owner and advised thousands of homeowners in the key areas to maximize profits when selling real estate.

Are you ready to sell your home? 

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