Summer is almost over, and the kids will be heading back to school with their summer vacations to feel like distant memories.

What did you do to make this Summer a memorable one?


Little Bennett Elementary School in Clarksburg Maryland is where my daughter goes to. As she is getting ready for the new year.


Her biggest question seems to be:



So little darling . . . your days are numbered!

Here's your calendar!


As a parent, one of the things we need to do very soon to help her prepare for school is:



Wake Up Early

If your child have been sleeping until late all summer long and have to catch the bus really early when school starts. . , They're going to have a hard time waking up on time unless you start preparing them now. This is why I think is very important to start gradually waking up earlier and earlier everyday.

By doing this, you will avoid shocking their system on those first few days of class.

This will also prevent them from having a bad start the first few days of school.

As a parent, I have mixed feelings about this. .

A new school year starts. . . just as I was getting used to having my princess around the house.



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