Respect, what a novel idea. .

If a lender is unwilling to negotiate a loan modification in
good faith , which I might add includes being treated with respect during the application
process, then why wouldn't you have the right to use any and all available defenses to
protect your family and get rid of a burden that threatens your financial survival?   How to say good bye to your lender when your loan modification has been denied. .


All loans are initiated by the lenders with one single thing in common. To maximize their
fees and interest rates at the expense of the borrowers. . . . and taxpayers!
The morality argument about keeping true to your promises to pay your mortgage is especially weak when you add a hardship to this equation.
A lot of borrowers are going trough their own financial turmoil. They are cashing in their
401k's, their retirement nests just to keep on paying for their underwater mortgage. They
have also raided their kids college education to maintain the same living standards they are
accustomed to.
In worst cases I know of homeowners that borrowed money from their families
and max out their credit cards so they can continue to pay for their mortgages.   How to say good bye to your lender when your loan modification has been denied. . and you are ready to take the bull by the horns!


I’ll be happy to discuss your particular situation if a short sale is an option for you. ..

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