Certain things in life you do not have any control over them while certain things do. You might have missed a few mortgage payments this time, but you may very well save your family from the serious threats of facing foreclosure if you take the right steps

The first step always should be to contact your lender. . making your problem also their problem!

Most often, you will be encouraged to do a loan modification and you should do just that. If you can keep your home and can afford a reduced monthly payment, you may as well do it. .. you have to pay to live somewhere anyways.

When a loan modification does not work for you, I can tell you with certainty that a short sale is the safest and the most reliable thing you can do now to repay the mortgage company the debt you owe them instantly.

A short sale will simply relieve you form the burden of carrying an underwater mortgage.. . Period.

In some cases, we can convince the lender in not pursuing a deficiency judgment against you. . Depending on the investor of your loan and the person helping you get the short sale approved.


It is a very difficult decision to reset your life and basically start all over again.. .but doesn't make the mistake to wait and make a decision, because NO ACTION is a decision on itself!

Ask yourself. .

Are you a HOMEOWNER?


Are you a Mortgage OWNER?


If your property's value is ONE DOLLAR below what you owe to your lender. .

You are not a HOMEOWNER any longer . . . you are a Mortgage Owner.


How much should you pay for someone to do a short sale for you?

The best short sales experts will not charge you anything for their services to you. They will provide you with all the assistance needed to sell your house and derive their profit from the bank proceedings. A company that specializes doing short sales will conduct each aspect involved in closing a short sale deal to benefit you and your family. Their fiduciary duty is to protect you as their clients unlike in some cases I see very often when an inexperienced real estate agent is confused about whether they are working for the homeowner or the bank!

Understand that you may only have one chance to save yourself form a foreclosure using a short sale.

Make sure you hire an short sale expert to guide you through this complicated process.


Fernando Herboso is a short sales expert with a currently inventory of 33 listings. We have a full team on staff. The word is out in MD, DC and VA, if you need an expert to help you during these difficult times. . .

. . call me, and I will take the time to discuss with you all your options based on your needs. . .not your banks!

Just make the call. . Fernando Herboso 240-426-5754

"We will make you feel like you are the only client we have!"