Make a Decision on Independence Day: To Become a Homeowner! [Crown Homes]


As 4th of July weekend approaches,

I feel very satisfied with those people that we have helped become a homeowner this year so far.

Is "Independence day" from your Landlord and it has many repercussions for your own future.

It means freedom to grown financially along the economy of the best country of the world

It means freedom to do whatever you want to do in your house. Want to paint your bedroom tiger stripe colors with pink lilies? --YES YOU CAN!

It's your home and you have the freedom to choose.

It means protection from rising rental a few years, you may be paying $200, $300 or more for your rental home...if you own it, your mortgage payment will stay the same.

It means legacy. As a parent, what impression do you want to leave to your children?...that buying a home is not worth the effort and renting is OK? 

Is a proven fact that Homeowners network is significantly higher than those who rent. If you wish success for your need to show them the right path by example. 

If you are looking for the perfect place to make your home...consider Crown in Gaithersburg Maryland. They are located next to RIO and the amenities between Rio and Crown, in my opinion, are the biggest draw to this area.

You can shop, go to the movies, exercise, eat pizza, crabs, carne asada, walk around a lake, paddleboat in a swan-shaped boat, ride a train, have a picnic, go for happy hour, watch a free concert, walk your dog, get a massage and buy the latest book...all within walking distance. 

Overall, buying a home anywhere is much better than renting for most people

Just the simple act of buying a home is as emotional as getting married. 

There are many reasons people buy homes and I have to share this...


Last week, the inaugural “Homebuyer Insights Report” was released by the Bank of America. The report revealed the reasons why consumers purchase homes and what their feelings are regarding homeownership.

Consumer Lending Executive, D. Steve Boland, explained:


“Homebuyers today are motivated by both emotional and practical reasons. Nearly all want more space, but a majority of homebuyers, especially those purchasing their first home, are also looking for a place to call their own, put down roots and make memories. They value the emotional benefits of owning a home as much as the financial ones.”


Boland went on to say:


“The path to homeownership is a journey and can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. For many people, this is the single most significant financial transaction they will ever make.”


This was evidenced in the report when they asked today’s homebuyers to define homeownership. Their answers tell the whole story.


Bottom Line

Homeownership has always been a part of the American Dream and survey after survey confirms this will always be the case.


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