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As you probably aware a deficiency judgment is something that looms over the head of anyone that has experienced a foreclosure, a deed in lieu of foreclosure and/or a short sale.

This is certainly not the law in every scenario, different states have different laws and you should be able to check on this quickly by consulting the office of your state's attorney general or anyone that is experienced in distressed properties.

 Maryland Short sale question posted about LENDER'S HUGE ERROR!


I have been in default of my first and second mortgage for about 6 months. I was laid of from my employer and my financial situation gone down hill ever since. I now have my house up for short sale and have become employed. I have decided to go through with the short sale and move on with my life. Recently my first mortgage company notified me by mail sending the original loan papers that my loan is paid in full. They have made a huge mistake since I am really in default. They have been hounding me for the documents to be sent back to them. I don't want to send them if their mistake can work in my favor. My question is....Due to me now having position of my original loan documents stamped and signed paid in full, does that mean that I am free and clear of the loan and the owner of the house? Please advise on what if any steps I will need to take. Thanking you in advance,

and my response. . .


Let me get this straight. . a clerk makes a mistake. .and you want to take full advantage of their error without any disregard from your own admission to be in default of the loan?.  . 
It's like I come into your house,  buy a used vacuum cleaner from you. .give you a check for $100 . .except I forgot to put a comma and the check is actually for $10,000. .so you need advise if you should cash this check or not?
My advice.. 

do the right thing!

When it comes to short sales in Maryland. . finding a creative solution to solve your problems can be easier and clearer . .. if you allow an experienced professional to assist you. . .

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Are Banks Paying Homeowners To SHORT SELL THEIR PROPERTIES?

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