Really Nice Homes in Key West Florida


From time to time, we write about Really Nice Homes in different parts of the world for our Maryland and Virginia Clients contemplating retirement soon. .

A lot of Marylanders retirees look at the Sunshine State for their retirement choice. It's only fitting that we bring now a small taste of Really Nice Homes from Florida.

We are pinpointing one of my favorite's places in Florida and is actually located in the farthest part from Maryland

Welcome to Key West Florida!

The warm water are an obviously attraction, but there is much more to Key West Florida that meets the eye.

Did you know that Cuba is actually closer to Key West than Miami itself?

Key West is 129 miles from Miami and drive that seems very short after taking the views and the air in consideration.

When it comes to Key West Florida Real Estate, there is one person I like you to meet.

His name is Rudy Molinet and just happens to know all about real estate in Key West Florida and he is the top producing Realtor in Key West

I'm choosing one of his recent listings in 1315 Eliza Street in Key West that deserves the REALLY NICE HOME AWARD

Florida real estate is definitely worth a look if sun and fun is your ticket. . . a lot different architecture than what we have in Maryland for certain. .

This particular property boats 4 bedroom and has a great open plan and high ceilings


Key West Fl real estate is still very reasonably priced considering much of it is so close to a short walk to the beach

If you want to get in on Key West Florida real estate, now may be an ideal time. Interest rates are at an all-time low and with properties like this. .heaven is now affordable.


If you are looking for a direct path to retirement, and considering Florida

Let us provide you with complete information how to get started and combine the sale of your Maryland Home to take advantage of the low prices in Florida today

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