Weekly Mortgage Analysis: Interest rates remain steady under 4%  - 
30 Year Fixed 3.88% 
 as of 02/05/2016 
Best: Refi @ 2.84% 15 year loan fixed! Call 301-246-0001 for more info
Finally a Really Nice Home with a two story, INDOOR WATERFALL!  more....
A Really Nice Home from the legendary actor Charlton Heston goes in the market in Beverly Hills - more...
A Bethesda Maryland Really Nice Home -- from a Hobbit's point of view. . It was offered @ 1.2 million, you needed to be a rich Hobbit to buy it -  After 128 days, it was finally SOLD for $920,000 (Cheap Hobbit!)  more...
Less than 11 months away from President Obama and family moving out of the official White House, they may want to consider buying a replacement White House that is just a few miles down the road in McLean Virginia - this is a replica of the real thing.  It even has an oval office! . . .Or perhaps, TRUMP could convert it into a hotel...Priced at $3.250,000.00 it should sell this election year- If you want to see it, give us a call @ 301-246-0001 You are going to need the security clearance of a loan approval before making an appointment  - more....
Most Expensive Houses: The Most Expensive Properties In And Around Montgomery County Maryland and Surrounding Suburbs -- What doesn't appear to be in short supply around our area is the massive, multi-million dollar homes that are for sale all around us...one of them priced at $28,000,000.00 has 8 bedrooms, 12 baths and is 28000 Sq Ft  See More...
Only in South Korea, you will find a Toilet Shaped House . . WHY?!!!   see more...
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