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One of the hidden gems in Germantown has got to be Milestone Neighborhoods

The Milestone Community of Germantown Maryland consists of

  • Milestone Center
  • Milestone II Townhouses
  • Milestone Townhouses

Some of the feature amenities these communities offer to all its residents are:

Community Center


Sitting areas

Picnic Areas

Tot Lots


Milestone is practically located in the corner of 355 and Ridge Rd

Selling Your Milestone House:

There is nothing worse than putting house up for sale and watching it sit on the market. Here are a few tips for you to sell your house fast.

These tips will help you sell your house fast, but we need to cover something first. If you have some type of defect or your house is in need of repairs. .I recommend for you to fix it before you put your house in the market. There is a difference between making small repairs and major repairs.

Another tip that you can do is deal with clutter. I can't tell you how many times I've taken a buyer to a home only to be shocked by the amount of junk stuffed in closets, garage, basements and extra rooms of the home. Why these sellers weren't that prepared is a mystery to me. . that mistake could account for thousands of dollars lost at closing.

Uniformed sellers I suppose. .

Not you, because you are now reading about their mistakes.

Finally another tip is to let go of your emotional attachments in the home. It's a house. .you are selling a house NOT YOUR HOME! . .just remember that.

We are available by calling at 240-426-5754 to help give you our expert opinion where should you spend your money to prepare your house.

Germantown MD Homes




These nice houses JUST SOLD in the last 3 MONTHS in the Milestone Areas in Germantown. .

Germantown MD Homes



Are you missing the bottom of the market?

With interest rates below in some cases below 4% and home prices at its lowest points for the last 5 years. .

Here is a quick snapshot of the market in Germantown 20876

Germantown MD Homes


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We will make the difference for you!

Germantown MD Homes

Here at Herboso & Associates, we understand what an important decision is finding just the right home . .

Our agents are committed to finding just the right place for you, your family, and even your beloved pets.

Our dedication to the buyers is unsurpassed in customer satisfaction.


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Germantown MD Homes


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