Montgomery County Maryland Real Estate Market Stats

September 2013

We are still inside a recovery market, real estate analytics  and accurate reports are needed more than ever to make informed decisions about your next  real estate.  
Understanding what's going on in our local real estate markets is crucial to Montgomery County residents that are planning a major move soon. .

Montgomery County MD Real Estate

We've seen a marked improvement in the Montgomery County Maryland housing market.
Considering a distressed market shrinking considerable in the past 12 months , there is a renewed optimism about our local  economy in general.

The housing market is one of the main drivers for our economic recovery. It continues to gain strength despite the drag and ineptitude  of our Government shutdowns and furloughs

"One wonders where would we be if they could actually work together to improve the strength of our market . .and not each other's political status"

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Real Estate Data from RBI (Real Estate Intelligence)