Bad Market?

Good Market?

(What everybody sees may not be true in the Washington Metropolitan Area)


Good Reasons Why It's the Best of Times

To Buy an Investment Property Today!

Reason #2:

Mortgage Interest Rates Are At Historic Lows.

Not only the inventory is there but you may get one of the lowest interest rates you could have in the last 40 years.

It's not a secret that banks have adjusted their criteria to lend money. .but if you qualify and are able to buy, you are in for a treat!

Interest rates are below 4.5% in some cases for owner occupied home as of August 2011.


This is the lowest rate on the 30-year fixed in many years, As I write this, I checked it and I could refer you to someone that offers a low rate of 4.42 percent in today's market.

It almost defies comprehensibility. . Why are we not selling every single property that could be purchased with a monthly payment that is possible LOWER than a rental payment for the same property?

You can possible purchase hundreds of properties right now that could accomplish this goal.

Buy them and have an INSTANT POSITIVE CASH FLOW the very first month!

Here in Montgomery County Maryland we find several condos that are priced insanely below this benchmark for an instant positive cash flow.

The best of news is that:

Are you ready? .

There is an unprecedented influx of new renters in the market right now and rental rates for the near future are on the rise.

Specifically. .

Our area has a lot of service jobs, restaurants, cleaning, and construction. .etc.

These people are at the bottom of the hourly wages in our area and only have two choices,

To move away from the area and have a long daily commute to come to work. .


Sacrifice size for convenience and just rent a cheap condo close by the Metro or Bus Stop

Remember how much a gallon of gasoline costs these days? . . . what choice do you think will make more sense to these workers?

Are you ready to provide housing for them plus have a nice monthly positive cash flow to compensate your social security check?

Let me share with you the perfect plan. .the one we used to create a $1000 per/month positive cash flow for a retired couple. They are ecstatic about this. . and the prospects for this money to grow more and more as time passes goes hand by hand how much rents will increase in the next few years. .


Do you think rents will increase in the next few years because of the displacement of families' trough foreclosures and short sales?

The answer maybe . . . just the answer to this question. .

Should You Buy Investment Properties Now?

You make the call. . . 240-426-5754

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Fernando Herboso is broker for Herboso & Associates LLC

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Serving Montgomery, Frederick and PG Counties.