My Contractor Abandoned Me!


Hi, Fernando here from


I received this call this week from a past client. . .
It seems that he was remodeling his bathroom and the contractors disappeared without completing the job..
I asked him,
"How did you find him?"

You know, in any business you have honest people, and you have crooks. when it comes to handyman services, contractor services for big or small repairs in your house, you must learn how to protect yourself. In every sector of the home repair market , you have contractors plotting to beat you out of your money.. . they are everywhere.

When I use the word "contractor" I’m referring to general contractors, sub-contractors or any other person you hire to do work on your ?house project?.

Please do yourself a favor,
Over the years, I have accumulated a list of general contractors,
electricians, plumbers, house cleaners, painters and carpenters.

I don't mind sharing with you my referral partners..
They want to impress me because I send them business their way all the time...

For that reason,

They will treat you right and fair when it comes to charging their fees.

Give me a call at 301-246-0001 if you need someone right away
send me an email  and I'll be glad to share this list with you

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