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The need of a common sense approach to leadership designed to build professionalism, individually and as a team. I'm a strategist that will analyze and help design better operations, enabling my clients the  best possible results when conducting a real estate transaction. I'm constantly engaged in the design, execution and tracking of the overall business plan to meet our client's  goals. Focusing on key relationships with clients and agents enhancing satisfaction, retention and performance. Using Best Practices concepts to increase professionalism, productivity and protection for all our clients

Notable Achievements

  • Drafted and negotiated over 100's of sales and purchase contracts.
  • Trained and motivated real estate sales teams.
  • Strong rapport with customers, resulting in numerous and continuous referrals.
  • Former Owner/Trainer/Career Development: Keller Williams Home Towne Realty, 2006-2008 Frederick, MD/Positions Held: ALC, Chair Career Development, Head of the Education Committee.  Top Recruiter Agent status for an office that grew from 30 to 92 agents. As an Agent Trainer/Coach, my specialty is Lead Generation Business Planning, Real Estate Contract Law, Camp 4.4.3 (Trainer), Use of Professional RE Systems & Tools; Including Database Management, Top Producer 7i, Website Development, Microsoft Suite; Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Access & Imaging Products. Leveraging Business (Hiring Talent), Lead Generation, Team Building/Millionaire Agent, Personality Profiling and the Application of Training Methods.
  • Real Estate Web Strategist. Brokers and Realtors seek my opinion and consent on the look of their websites… and I do understand their need for such an assessment to increase greater consumer care.
  • Authored of several eBooks with one notable ebook "Is a Short Sale An Option For You" Read over 115,000 times #1 Search On Google worldwide under "Short Sale Option"
  • 10 Closings in one single month! Our record in sales for the month of June 2011
  • Liberated dozens of homeowners from the grasps of a bad loan modification via a short sale.
  • As of July 2011 Fernando Herboso listed over 350 properties!


Professional Experience



Herboso & Associates LLC Brker Owner of Herboso Realty Group

PrimeTime Realty Homes ~ Herboso & Associates  Founder and President

Herboso & Associates ~Key Realty Group LLC  #1 Team in CLOSED SHORT SALES for Montgomery and Frederick Counties in Maryland (July -2009)

Rated TOP-TEN Foreclosure-Real Estate Website in MD

Interviewed Twice with the Washington Examiner Newspaper as an expert for Short Sales and Foreclosures in MD.

Debut television interview appearance scheduled for August 2006 for local Hispanic Community Affairs CHANNEL 16 {Montgomery County Station}

Author of the eBOOK "Is A Short Sale An Option For Me?

Author of the eBOOK "AdiosLender.com

Author of the eBOOK " 10 Secrets To Loan Modifications"

Author of the eBook " 100 ways to sell your home for the highest amount"

Author of the eBOOK " How to Buy A Foreclosure For 50 Cents On The Dollar"

Author of the eBOOK " Avoid Foreclosure Hell"

Author of the Ebook " 31 Reasons To DO A SHORT SALE"



Real Estate Sales - Present

Managing operations of a 5-person sales team with a current inventory of 25+ listings

Herboso & Associates llc is a brokerage only for the Herboso Realty Group

Real Estate Sales 2008- 2010

Managing operations of a 3-person sales team

#1 Listings Agent and #1 in Sales Consecutively several months in a row.

Key Realty Group llc

Owner/Realtor, 2006 - 2008

I was one of four Realtors that ventured the opening of a Keller Williams Franchise in Frederick Maryland. Examined and evaluated prospective agents-investors motivating them to join in the venture. I was in charge of the Education Committee that contributed our total growth to 92 agents before my departure.

Keller Williams Home Towne Realty

Real Estate Sales – 2003-2006

In less than 10 months of relocating from Florida to Maryland; I was recognized to be in the #10 position of TOP LISTING AGENTS from over 150 Realtors within the company. An achievement enhanced by the fact that I had to get directions to get to I-270 just a few months earlier.

Produced Ten Million Dollars in sales for a 12 month period.

Avery Hess Realtors


Real Estate Investments and Foreclosure Disposition – 2002-2003/Miami Florida

Started Herboso & Associates purchasing new construction and participating in the boom of the Real Estate market in the heart of Miami Beach.

Created and Started a distribution center for Diet Aids and recruited people for Multi-Level Marketing. In less than three months of moving to Miami, I had purchase my first home in a gated community where I resided before moving to Maryland.

FH Auto Sales ~Owner/Manager Mobile Alabama

Automobile  Sales – 1990-2002

Managing operations of a full car dealership including financial operations and mechanical repairs. Motivated a team of 5 persons to sell and finance and average of 25 cars per month.

Won free publicity awards in magazines and was featured in local TV Station as a marketing leader. Business closed down because of a divorce after 12 years of continuous growth.

Herboso & Associates Investment Properties

Property Owner-Manager – 1995-2001 (Part time while managing my Car-Dealership)

Spanish Trace Apartments ~Owner 25 unit building

Owned and managed an apartment complex and also managed 10 other owned-rental properties. Focused in the acquisition of foreclosures and resale.

Education and Training

State of Maryland and Virginia

Real Estate License, 2003 CDPE

Completed Negotiation Skills for Training and Consulting

Building leadership and team building skills/ Developed a course and managed one and one training classes for Realtors

Keller Williams Realty Austin Texas

Numerous courses: From interpersonal development skills, management, marketing,Customer Care Training

Real Estate Licensing classes for Alabama and Florida

Certified HUD Property Evaluator

Southwest Technical College  Marketing & Sales 1980-1982

Universidad San Francisco Xavier Sucre-Bolivia (1976-1977)

Colegio La Salle (Graduated-1976)

Core Skills

* Bilingual in English and Spanish
* Negotiations & Dispute Resolution
* Real Estate Programs Systems Management
* Marketing / Internet Domination Student / Brand Development
* Personal Coach & Motivator
* Lead Generation Systems

* Short Sales and Foreclosures

* Internet Marketing Leadership

* International Real Estate Investments




A Poem about My Life. . .




Traveling To the Sun


It is often said that we do not truly appreciate what we have until it is taken from us.

I wish I had my baby pictures to share with my children now,

Loss and tragedy certainly came into my life early on. . without a fuss
No one keeps mementos when chaos ruled my early days anyhow



Growing on the valleys of a tranquil South American setting. .

My aspirations were limited to the small world around me. .

it is in the darkest of hours that we are truly made aware of our daring

the strength and courage of the human spirit calling me briskly

I was only 17 years old, penniless and dreamy wanting to travel to the sun

It was bright, beautiful, warm, embracing and . .yet so far away

My calling was incessantly. .luring me to come

With a wing and a prayer I boarded the space ship without delay


Everybody warned me that I will burn and crash

That no one will like me and I'll be all alone

I'm here to tell you that I'm still alive and I did not smash

I'm surrounded by love, opportunity and have reached my milestone


My sun, the brightest star, my hope was and.. is the USA for me

The warm blanket of my childhood. .I sought it and persevered.

The dreams, the opportunities, the freedom.. so I can be .. .

Surprised. . .all around me it suddenly appeared


Surprised because I saw people blinded by the sunlight

They did not see the starlight  I saw wishing to live by

Of course they were blinded. . they were all so near and its so bright

You'll  have to go far and  to the valleys of South America to see it high


Nevertheless, I saw it clearly, I sough it and I found it

I chose real estate as a career to climb to my dreams and my peak

Love the people, the challenge and the light that emit

Bringing the same dreams, aspirations that they all seek.


"Why I chose Real Estate"

and my travel to the sun. .

~Fernando Herboso

"Don't Pray For A Miracle. . .expect it!"

Here I'm!

Just arrived to the USA from Bolivia

My past life is on the background. .

. . and strong to take the challenges ahead. .

(my hair depicts my crazy decision to leave my loved ones, my friends and my security blanket . .chasing a dream)



What about you?

Are you blinded by the sunlight?

Can you see how lucky we are . . . living in the USA?