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"The Neighbor From Hell"

Q: I just arrived in DC yesterday. Before my movers were scheduled to come I had a guy come out to give me an estimate on putting a fence in front of the rowhouse I just bought. I haven't even met my neighbors yet. And the next thing I know my neighbor if raising his voice at me telling me that "we are going to have a problem" if I put up a fence and we are going to be getting off on the wrong foot. Never mind the fact that I had literally met this man ten seconds prior to this. I went in the house and listened to the fence guy and honestly won't do the fence because it is way more expensive than I anticipated. But I don't want to make this guy think that he won. He kept on going on about how the neighborhood used to be a certain way and there is his mom has been there fifty years and he grew up in this house and no one else on the block has fences. 
I am really at a loss. I have read over and over how you should be mindful of older residents and try to be accommodating, but I literally don't know what to do when I get accosted about something I'm only thinking about doing only 24 hours after moving in. 
I'm thinking about putting a fence up for spite. 
What would you guys do?

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A: Definitely don't do anything just for spite.
The moment you do that..
you lose
your honor
your principles.. .

Pretend this person is crazy and deranged ...which most likely he is.
Pretend he is a child living inside an adult body
I would ignore him and simply go on living with purpose. . .

Many years ago, I  sold a house before when the neighbor refused to help us tidy his yard...
he was yelling at my clients from his front yard, deranged and all crazy
 ..cussing them for daring in asking  him to cut his grass.

There was no HOA on the neighborhood and neighbors in general kept their yard tidy and neat..

Except this neighbor from hell.
The bully of the neighborhood

He was definitely making my listing look bad...
Potential buyers were driven away. . who wants to live next to foot high grass with trash littered all around?

"Most real estate experts all agree that curb appeal is one of the most important aspects to consider when selling your home. 
When selling, it's the appearance from the street that determines if the buyer never gets out from their car or not "

In this case...buyers and Realtors were not even getting out from their cars!

I decided to do something about it. .

I knocked on his door
brought him some cookies!
After a brief introduction,
I explained him that it behoove him that we sell the neighbors property for as much as possible
so that his property can go up in value!
That would mean more money for him when he sells his house..later on.

I offered to send my crew to clean & cut his yard...
he accepted politely. .after I assured him that that was no trouble at all..
"We have money allocated for this and it will be no problem for us."
It cost me $150 plus some cookies from Subway..
I defeated him with charm. .
and a very strong weapon. .

Chocolate cookies!

Sold the house...and my clients were very happy. .
The bully neighbor was happy. .
I was happy..
and life moves on. .

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