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Prices for homes range in the 300's for townhomes and hovering around the mid 400's for single family homes.  The top end homes are in the 600's to 700's range and are considered the top tier of homes in the area. 
A number of new home builders have set the prices based on the demand that comes from different areas and occasionally you may find million dollar homes  that are separated from the main areas of Clarksburg. 
Some resales are also available. .but in most part new sales dominate the local market 
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There are many reasons to buy a new home, but these are the reasons why you should buy a new home in Clarksburg MD 

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There is something for everyone to enjoy while visiting Clarksburg MD. If you decide that you may want to relocate to this area, please contact Herboso & Associates, a local real estate company  at 301-246-0001 . We can connect you with relocation information  new home construction do's and don'ts and where you could get the best possible value in the area. 
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Fernando Herboso (Broker for Herboso & Associates) and an ambassador for the area. . because he is raising a happy family  there!