New Home Construction in Urbana Maryland Buy a new home. .not a nightmare


If you're looking for new home construction near Washington DC Metropolitan area, (District Of Columbia), you should consider the new homes that are for sale in Urbana, located in the southern part of Frederick County, situated almost in the county line with Montgomery County

How to ensure you are not buying a lemon house? 

DO the Facebook thing. .is my first advice
Poke around. .your new house while being constructed.
Let them know you are watching their every move. .I did that for my own new home and it worked!

I can assure you that there’s no such thing as a perfect house — every single newly-constructed homes, will have some issue or another. 

The trick is to make sure your home is free of any major problems before signing on the dotted line. 

A good broker representing you will always advice you to get a home inspection. .

But it does not hurt you investigate their progress and question what you do not understand on your own.

I wrote about the new house that had no insulation and found about it 4 years later!

Another story about a new house delivered with no caulking around the windows that eventually answered the question why was mold growing inside the walls?

Buy a new home. .not a nightmare? 

"County inspectors often do miss important code violations when performing final inspections, they are overworked, underpaid and they maybe having a bad day"

Watch the video below and see different techniques we use to assist our clients get what they want, when they want it and condition most favorable to them. .

Tip #7

A Home Inspection is the "KEY" to HAPPY BUYING & PEACE OF MIND. .
new homes for sale urbana

"There is a disturbing trend among some builders that do NOT allow phase inspections.. . We do not let our clients stand for that!"
Fernando Herboso~

See All 7 Tips for "New Homes For Sale in Urbana Maryland" at once here 

We strive for the pursuit of excellence by providing and assisting our clients with the information and resources needed for a smooth transition & purchase of a new home in Urbana Maryland. . 
We arrange all the details for you, including the selling of your existing house to match the moving date to your new home     
One call . . is all it takes!



New Home Construction in Urbana Maryland Buy a new home. .not a nightmare