New Home Construction in Urbana Maryland Leftover Materials


If you're looking for new home construction near Washington DC Metropolitan area, (District Of Columbia), you should consider the new homes that are for sale in Urbana, located in the southern part of Frederick County, situated almost in the county line with Montgomery County

What is a home sampler? 

When talking to the builder about your new home,make sure you ask them for a sampler of most of the materials being used to build your house.

You are paying for that anyway. .

As an example. if you are having granite counters installed on your kitchen, you may want to also install later a like granite on a small counter top or fireplace surrounding the kitchen area to match the product. You may also use to repair your counter top in case of a break or a crack. . ask the builder if they have any granite remnant, which on the long run could save you money.

Another items your sampler should contain. .

  • Paint
  • Bricks
  • Tiles
  • Granite sink cut out
  • Carpet
  • Siding
  • Stains

You should specific ask for this. .don't presume? 

"The questions you ask the builder before, during an after will announce of your intentions that: you are a savvy shopper and want their full attention and care?

Watch the video below and see different techniques we use to assist our clients get what they want, when they want it and condition favorable to them. .

Tip #6

Ask For a "Doggie Bag After Delivery"
new homes for sale urbana

" Do not store left-over paint in rooms that are exposed to extreme heat or cold ( near the furnace or near a heater). Do not keep paint in a garage that is not heated. "
Fernando Herboso~

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We strive for the pursuit of excellence by providing and assisting our clients with the information and resources needed for a smooth transition & purchase of a new home in Urbana Maryland. . 
We arrange all the details for you, including the selling of your existing house to match the moving date to your new home     
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New Home Construction in Urbana Maryland Leftover Materials