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The benefits of buying a new home:
 A recent article published by Beazer, a large construction company that has good quality homes talks about a recent survey .. 

What are the benefits of buying a new home instead of a . . used house?

It should be noted that most of the benefits are simple observations from new home buyers, but they are in unison giving us a glimpse of their preparation before buying a new home

A sample of their findings are below. .

  • Quality of Construction – A new home is built up to the most recent standards and codes. This means safer, healthier living. Your clients will know they are getting up-to-date, quality construction.
  • Ability to personalize – Flooring, cabinets, countertops and more – these are all things the buyer will get to pick when they buy a newly constructed home and is ready when they move in.
  • Flexible floorplan design – They can pick the floorplan and structural options that suits their lifestyle and living situation.  With a new home you don’t have to “make-do” on a less than ideal layout.
  • Low cost of maintenance – new homes are just that…new. So instead of owners spending their time and money remodeling and fixing things up, they can move-in and know that it is complete to their liking.
  • Energy Efficient – 100% of Beazer homes meet and exceed Energy Star’s latest standards. That equals lower operating costs than a typical resale, saving the owner money after move-in.
  • More living space – New homes typically have larger rooms and open layouts compared to older homes.

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Watch our series about" 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Home
There are many reasons to buy a new home, but these are the reasons why you should buy a new home in Clarksburg MD 
  • Availability Factor:  More choices, more styles to choose from 
  • A Floor Plan You Desire: Design your life as you design your own space
  • An Exterior That You Love: The colors, the materials, the windows and even the plants outside!
  • More Space For You: In general, most new Clarksburg homes available are brilliantly designed to give you more space
  • Little Maintenance For You: While the warranty is in effect, a new home is virtually maintenance free for the first few years
  • Modern Conveniences For You:  The latest designs to increase the quality of your living
  • Control of Location, Financing, Floor Plan, and Exterior Design: You choose what's best for your family
  • Builder May be Willing to Accept Contingent Contracts: Have an existing house to sell? Is all about protection for you.
  • Emotional Factor of Newness: There is nothing better
  • Neighborhood Amenities: The parks, the pools, the convenient shopping is all around in Clarksburg
  • Fully Equipped Modern Kitchen: Your kitchen is where you nurture your loved ones' souls as well as their bodies. Is the heart and soul of your house and you can design it from scratch.
  • The Schools Around Clarksburg: If you are moving to a new area, it's important to check out the school district before purchasing your new home. This is exactly what my wife and I did 4 years ago when we moved to Clarksburg MD. 
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