New Homes For Sale in Urbana Maryland


If you're looking for new home construction near Washington DC Metropolitan area, (District Of Columbia), you should consider the new homes that are for sale in Urbana, located in the southern part of Frederick County, situated almost in the county line with Montgomery County

Many new home warranties are backed by the builder; others in some cases are purchased by the builder from an independent company that will assume responsibility for certain claims. This is in general a good thing until you have to make a claim. .

In some cases home owners may purchase additional coverage on their own from other third-party warranty companies to supplement the coverage their builder provides. 

By negotiating a good contract with the builder and putting the warranty of your new home on the negotiating table, you can avoid having to pay for third party warranty providers. .

"It is amazing how individual buyers sign a contract with a builder without knowing that the warranty is also another part where they can assure themselves of a great deal"

Watch the video below and see different techniques we use to help our clients get the best warranty coverage possible.

Tip #3

Are Warranties Negotiable?

What does the typical builder warranty cover on a newly-built home?
Ask me this when we first meet. ..

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We strive for the pursuit of excellence by providing and assisting our clients with the information and resources needed for a smooth transition & purchase of a new home in Urbana Maryland. . 
We arrange all the details for you, including the selling of your existing house to match the moving date to your new home     
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New Homes For Sale in Urbana Maryland