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The first person that text me @ 240-426-5754 the word  "MONEY" gets a $100 OFF Coupon of the settlement fee in conjunction with a real estate  settlement conducted by Village Settlements

Nice Homes for sale In Rockville's King Farm – Maryland – 20850

A Sample of nice Homes for sale in Rockville – Maryland


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For Rent

Charming Cape Cod home located just inside the beltway in Falls Church Virginia

Two Story Cape Cod

With 2 Extra rooms.. .for office / extra bedroom. . .

This charming Cape Cod home is located just inside the beltway in Falls Church Virginia, and situated on a prime location very close to transportation and convenient to Tyson's Corner and Washington DC. Fully renovated home, meticulously completed now awaiting for the new lucky tenant.

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This Rental will not last. . Don't Wait!

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Often times I get this question a lot trough my website

"Why can the Lenders just reduce the principal so troubled homeowners can stay in their houses. . ."

Many reasons why this is not a popular choice for Lender. .

Mostly because if they agree to one, then their next door neighbors would want the same thing. And their next door neighbors and their next door neighbors and so on. . .until the banking industry collapses

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What Is The Result Of A Strategic Default On Your Mortgage?

The least we can do as Real Estate Agents that specializes in short sales is NOT TO JUDGE our clients when it comes to decisions such as this.

Its been a couple years since I wrote and there were a few instances where I was confronted with the contents of my eBook. .nevertheless, it got me a television interview and a couple guest appearances in a radio show.

When it comes to making decisions about your financial future, don't ever self-impose a moral obligation on your family.. . survival sometimes requires to make tough decisions. .

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