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Clarksburg Maryland. .the hidden secret of Montgomery County Maryland

Since the early part of the 2000's; Clarksburg has been growing by leaps and bounds. The new town center built in the heart of Clarksburg, near its historic center makes this vibrant city an up-coming force in Montgomery County as one of its best cities. The diverse population integrated in all the residents consists of many different backgrounds and nationalities. The residents have a much higher level of education that the national average and the schools is one of the main attractions to Clarksburg.

Most notable features of Clarksburg MD

  1. There are four public parks for all its residents to enjoy. .
  2. The schools that were developed to help accommodate the growth surprisingly have established as one of most notable schools in Montgomery County and it is one of the reasons why Clarksburg MD has weathered the storm of the housing crisis. .

New neighborhoods keep expanding over and over despite the current economic troubles around the country. Prices are even more affordable now than a few years ago.

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SCHOOLS in Clarksburg MD

Clarksburg Homes For Sale

Clarksburg Homes For Sale

This map pins the locations of the major schools in Clarksburg Maryland

In general, for elementary school, you will be under the award winning

School Little Bennett Elementary School

Rocky Hill for Middle School

And Clarksburg High School

Please take some time to learn directly from a school administrator if the house you're buying directs you to Clarksburg schools and not to Damascus schools as it is in some neighborhoods because of overcrowding.


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Clarksburg Homes For Sale

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Clarksburg Homes For Sale

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Clarksburg Homes For Sale


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