In general, buyers attend Open Houses accompanied by their agents because the listing agent representing the seller is not the person looking out for your best interests
They are doing an open house to find a buyer willing to pay as much as possible for their client's benefit.
That is their job. . .
This is why you need someone to represent you to help YOUR BEST INTERESTS as well. .
This is why Maxus Realty Group has created our handy NO HASSLE OPEN HOUSE KIT  concept to help you on your home search.
We know you are on a mission to find the right home and sometimes you will want to go and search on your own. 
It is important to understand the principles involved in the real estate industry when it comes to Open Houses. . this way, you will be best prepared to begin a productive relationship with your agent that will help you analyze the pricing of any house, including:
This and more. .
It is best you get all the information before considering buying a home.
So go ahead. 
Arm yourself with our NO HASSLE OPEN HOUSE KIT
 open house survival kit