Our SMART Program can help you OWN YOUR HOME even when you had a short sale, a foreclosure or simple bad credit. .

Buying before renting. .
If you desire to own your own home but you find yourself unable to secure conventional financing today, consider available  homes for lease or rent with an option to buy.

You can do this by using a lease purchase contract.

We only work with only a few people at that time. .if you want to be considered for this program, this is what you will get. .

  • We work on your credit to help you stabilize your purchasing power
  • Once we help you be prepared, we shop around for a suitable property for you.
  • We consider all available housing plus we aggressively seek the approval from a seller that may not have considered the rent with option to buy



Get started today! Tell us why you need our help and allow us to shape  your future real estate needs.

You can start by contacting us . .or fill the form.

Our SMART Rent With Option Program is unique - and it's all free!

We can only HELP you in Maryland at this time. .

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