If the glove don't fit, you must acquit"

The un-Funnies. .

If the glove don't fit, you must acquit"

If the car stink.. .you must think!

"What duct tape? "

Party Celebration tonight @ Mandini's . .for another unsuccessful search for my daughter..BYOB

It was a pool accident! I wanted to hide it and made it look like I killed her!

Enough said!


The 6 Surprising Money Savers Hiding in your House
Use cheap coffee filters instead of paper towels.

Paper towels are ridiculously expensive. Many people have moved to cleaning with old washcloths or a sponge, and that is certainly a great alternative. However, I am one of those people who prefer to throw away things I have used to wipe the toilet. If you are like me, try using cheap coffee filters. They clean better than paper towels (especially mirrors), and are way cheaper.

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Accelerate your Retirement-- Excellent Window of Opportunity
We are set up with a number of new lenders so please email us if you are interested on this. .

We have a few lenders that will do loans with very little down. . that can also connect you to some grant programs!

A few weeks ago, I closed on a property for an investor on a $115,000 condo that was rented out literally the same day for $1300 per month. Investor paid cash in this case, instantly adding nearly $1000 per month income after taxes and condo fees!

A $1000 per month that will never ever go down. . .on the contrary, the rental market is experiencing incredible growth these last few months. . more people prefer to rent than own a home these days. .

A $12,000 per year income and it isn't even taking into account future appreciation on the unit once the market turns around!!

Although in this case, it was proper to use cash and pay for this condo. ..but the opportunity is there for you to have huge returns using "other people's money" to invest in real estate.

Using the tenant's rent payment to cover the mortgage payment can certainly accelerate your retirement plans.

What about buying 10 condos this way!!

or..you can keep your money and earn 1.5% per year in a secure bank savings account. . .you make the choice!

Get started now. . .here are some condos perfect for this plan. .


"A Short Sale Enhances Your Family Relationship. . . Together "

I would guess that in over 50% of short sale listing presentations I attended. . someone ended up crying at the table.

Lets face it, a short sale event inside a family circle is a huge event. .

Sadly, I see that in many cases a divorce is the final result.

People seems to use an underwater mortgage to make other final decisions about their marriage and unfortunately the children are left with one single parent and the threat of being homeless.

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Quote Of The Week:

Look at the quality of your relationships. ..

Look at the quantity. .

That's the report card we get in this life as we grow older

Your relationships are reflections on yourself

Not your enemies!

Don't ever break the trust of someone that loves you for your own indulgences

L.Thomas Pierson~

A little taste of our services. . .

Is a Short Sale An Option For You?

Our real estate knowledge is always up-to-date. For expertise you can depend on, call on us when you have questions about the market or are ready to make a significant move. . .Quality representation is not expensive, its priceless!

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