Preparing Your Home To Sell

Kitchen Remodeling Tips 
The kitchen is one of the most focal points for buyers when looking at homes
A kitchen is family and family hangs around the kitchen
It is after all...the heart of any house
When preparing your home to sell, the kitchen should be  priority #1
Here are five tips taken form a survey created by asking prospecting buyers
What are the most important things they desire in a kitchen

The top five are below. .

Don't get carried away,.
Consult with your real estate agent before spending thousands of dollars if you are renovating your kitchen to sell your home soon.
There are companies that offer exclusive design services like 
I always figure the return on the investment based on condition, location and comparables around my client's neighborhood.

Ask your agent to do the same for you.

In some cases remodeling your  kitchen may not be such a good idea.

Always try to maintain yourself neutral with light colors if you wan to appeal the masses.
Introducing a new bright color like yellow, red or blue can be a turn off to people that do not like yellow, red or blue. . instead introduce removable accents like flower pots, light fixtures or wall decorations.

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