Selling Homes. .. (The Logical Way)
If you know about real estate, you've most likely heard the term already
"Location, Location, Location"
This is a little too disingenuous for some people and it distracts them from the actual true 
In reality, location is only one factor.. 
Condition and price are just as important.
The actual order of these three are in my opinion as follows.. .
"Price, Location, Condition"
Location may indirectly affect the price of your home but the price always affects directly the selling of any house.
as condition remain a distant objective that can be solved when time passes and more money is invested.

You may have the best location, a penthouse in the middle of Washington DC overlooking the Washington Monument .. 
The wrong price trumps and stales  this property no matter how superbly is located.
You may have a rowhouse in Baltimore around  bad neighborhoods...and crime all around 
The right price will sell it every time! (no matter the location) 
Price moves houses
Price determines the market 
The buyers  acceptance of price determines the actual value of your home


 If you are seller. .you should write this down

A home inside a bad location will  sell if the price is right 
A home in bad condition will sell if the price is right

A home with the wrong price
 will not sell until its corrected!
PRICE is what sells a house! 
Life goes on and listings sits unsold, 
Many blame their agents .. but the blame should is mostly on the seller's side 
There is no hope when you are selling a house for several thousands of dollars. .
Is a major purchase and  buyers will not overlook a seller's greed when they are obviously 
overpriced...They know you are overpriced and their rejection is very clear
Not your agent
Not your flyer 
Not the marketing. .
Not your sign
it's the simple as it sounds
Buyers will overlook burgundy tile and flower wallpaper in the bathroom
Buyers will overlook 70's wood paneling in your basement
Buyers will overlook the water stain on the ceiling under the top floor bathroom. .
But. . I can assure. .
Buyers will not overlook when you overprice your home!
Your home will become stale. .
with  no showings anymore
You see. .
Don't put blame on the number of open houses. .or the lack of
Don't put blame on an agent that was just trying to please you.
Is not about home much $$$$  you'll  need to net. .
How much money you need to retire to Florida. .
It's about the price.
nothing else. .

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