Real Estate for Sale in Clarksburg Maryland 

Clarksburg Maryland is located about 30 miles or 45 minutes north of downtown Washington DC. As of 2010 census, Clarksburg has over 4300 households and over 13,000 residents. It is considered to be one of the hidden gems in Montgomery County Maryland for the quality of its neighborhoods and the schools.
Since the year 2000, Clarksburg has experienced a boom in real estate that is unprecedented; considering that a real estate crisis was going on the rest of the country.
Its diverse population makes it unique and appealing to people that share the same values as their neighbors . It is established that a major part of its population come with a high level of education. Their precede is know in their involvement of the schools and how strong is their participation to push all students to a higher level
Clarksburg Maryland has many parks and more schools are being panned as they face a boom in the population with the newly developed Clarksburg Village, its shopping centers and thousands  of new housing units to meet the demand

Homes for Sale

Prices for homes range in the 300's for townhomes and hovering around the mid 400's for single family homes.  The top end homes are in the 600's to 700's range and are considered the top tier of homes in the area. 
A number of new home builders have set the prices based on the demand that comes from different areas and occasionally you may find million dollar homes  that are separated from the main areas of Clarksburg. 
Some resales are also available. .but in most part new sales dominate the local market 


A Typical Neighborhood  in Clarksburg Maryland . .


Neighborhoods of Clarksburg Maryland: Clarksburg has several neighborhoods that compliment each other, they include Arora HillsTown CenterClarksburg VillageGateway Commons  among others. A newly opened Benningans  Restaurant has brought the perfect place for residents to socialize and not leave their neighborhoods entirely. The new Harris Teeter scheduled to  be open late in 2013 is also enhances the quality of living in Clarksburg 
With a variety of townhomes and condominiums, single-family homes and luxury estates, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in the right price range in Clarksburg Maryland.   Many of these homes are brand new and builders are competing with each other by offering new buyers many amenities that in most cases are unadvertised unless you are accompanied by an experienced real estate agent to help you separate the quality over the quantity.

Clarksburg School Boundaries

Public schools in Clarksburg are deserving of being on the top schools in Maryland  
Clarksburg is especially blessed with top notch schools. Clarksburg High School has some of the best teacher/student ratios in the DC metropolitan area, and Rocky Hill Middle School is generally considered one of the best in the area. While some elementary schools in the area are a bit crowded, the quality of teachers and facilities is high in all Clarksburg schools. For more information, download our pdf filled with data on all Clarksburg area schools.
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 More Information

There is something for everyone to enjoy while visiting Clarksburg MD. If you decide that you may want to relocate to this area, please contact Herboso & Associates, a local real estate company  at 301-246-0001 . We can connect you with relocation information  new home construction do's and don'ts and where you could get the best possible value in the area. 
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