The increase of foreclosures all around us has created a unique opportunity to acquire real estate property at below market prices. Learn how the current market forces are building and how you can profit. Whether you are a homebuyer or a investor, the time is ending for purchasing foreclosed property.. . .it maybe just a few more months and you will see a decrease and prices will start to rise again.

Even builders are facing a downward market pressure from the rising numbers of foreclosures all around us.

Another downward pressure that cuts the competition to purchase houses is the problem an increase in mortgage rates and harsh criteria for most available buyers.


These are important factors to consider. .

  • Foreclosures are adding to the current inventory
  • Home builders are still adding to supply because they cannot HALT their construction.
  • Real estate investor psychology has changed, reducing the power of sellers to negotiate higher prices

It is precisely these market conditions that will enable to find the right property at the right price at this moment!

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