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Yes, they are up there when you take in consideration their elevation compared to my hometown in Maryland

This municipality of Broomfield was incorporated in 1961 in the southeastern corner of Boulder County in Denver Colorado Real Estate. It received its name from the broomcorn grown in the area.

Broomfield has an extensive trail system that connects the various lakes and parks. A scenic trail connects the Stearns Lake and the Josh's Pond on the west side of town. Broomfield also has a 9/11 memorial containing a piece of a steel beam from one of the towers.

Since Broomfield used to be divided among four counties, students living in the city were serviced by the appropriate school for their county. Even though the city is now united within one county, students attend the same schools they would have attended if county boundaries had remained the same.

The main school districts in Broomfield
are Adams Twelve Five Star Schools and Boulder Valley School District.

If you love skiing . . . this is the place to live

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