“ Remove your dog from my property or move out, you have ten days!”

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That was our landlord threat , after discovering that we had a pet living in our  home that we were renting from her.

“Remove the dog”? 

She was talking about our dog as it was any object in my house

“Fluffy” was a family member 

My kids adored “Fluffy” and needless to say, I was at a verge of tears, speaking to my husband…

“What are we going to do? “

“How are we going to tell our kids about this?”

“They will be devastated!”

These were the questions for my husband that I knew, deep in my heart that he didn't answers to..

We knew from the very beginning that we couldn't have pets in the property that we were renting, 


Life is not a contract that does not change, 

Fluffy was rescued by my kids under some unusual circumstances where Flufy was suddenly alone. He lived a few doors from our house and after the death of our neighbor, Fluffy was destined to go to our local pound…perhaps never to be seen again…

My kids were Fluffy’s best friend prior the owner’s passing and they were already happily helping our neighbor take care of him…

Suddenly, before we knew what happened, we found ourselves with Fluffy happy living with us…it seemed that our neighbor’s out-of-state relatives wanted it that way..

Back to reality…

“Remove your dog from my property or move out, you have ten days!”

..and now, our landlord knew about. 

We spoke to a few people about this and technically an eviction under these circumstances, especially when we pay our rent time…it was going to be difficult for our landlord to enforce in front of a judge…in 10 days?

But her demeanor is what it had us preoccupied, she was threatening us without trying to find common ground ….how could we even proceed from there? 

The fact was…we couldn't live there any longer, and we knew it.

We had to move out…but where? 

“Could we buy a home instead?”

I asked myself that question out loud…I knew our intentions were exactly that for several years. We wanted to buy a small house for our family but, we just didn't have enough money saved up for the down payment…

Our problem was a wake-up call 

Problems are nothing when you run out of options..

We had to find a solution for our kids….and we had very little options.

On positive attitude and lots of faith we started looking for someone that would take our credit and job history first hand…before how much money we had for our downpayment. 

We soon found out that there are many programs in the state of Maryland where we live, to help families like ours…where we could purchase our home with very little money from our own pockets.

In our case, we used our refunded deposit money from the landlord to pay for our house…that was enough to get us into our first home and our kids are now ecstatic with our new no-worry life with Fluffy in our new home! 

My advice to any family who wants to buy their home with down payment assistance is to go to: www.Hud.gov where they will direct you to local governments and non-profit organizations to assist you….even more important , they provide counseling to buy a home with down payment assistance… for Maryland residents, you can go directly to : www.nodownpayment.club and get more information.

Thank you and I sincerely hope this will help you take the first step on becoming a homeowner.

dog real estate  pets

*This story was publicated under fictive category to expound the boon of home-ownership